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We design, install and reface kitchen splashbacks in Sydney

Your kitchen’s splashback is one of the most important aspects to your kitchen’s overall visual appeal. Depending on the design and style of your kitchen, the splashback can have a dramatic effect of the final appearance of your kitchen and how it ties into your home.

Various Colours

By choosing with reface with porcelain, you can choose virtually any colour or pattern for your kitchen splashback.

Design Ideas

We offer various design ideas which will help transform and uplift your kitchen at an affordable price point.


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Splashbacks Designed To Transform Your Kitchen

We can transform the look and feel of your kitchen with a made to measure kitchen splashback that will truly create something special in your home. We have a range of splashback options and colours available and use the latest technology to design, create and install splashback that stand out. 


Kitchen Splashback Refacing

Refacing a kitchen splashback is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to change the look and feel of your kitchen with minimal disruption to your daily routine. While marbles and granites are the more common materials used for kitchen splashbacks and benchtops, refacing your splashback with our porcelain finishing options provides a range of benefits.


Benefits of a porcelain splashback

Porcelain is a hard and water-resistant material, perfect for kitchen splashbacks. It doesn’t let food and liquids seep in, keeping your kitchen clean and stain-free. Plus, its toughness means it can stand up well to knives and other sharp objects without getting scratched easily.


Available in a full range of colours

Start to finish

Our splashback refacing process

Kitchen Refacing

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