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Kitchen Resurfacing Sydney

We’ll evaluate your present Kitchen to ensure refacing is the ideal fit for you. We have a quality guarantee for seven years as well as a full product warranty on all materials, including hardware.


Our kitchen refacing and resurfacing solutions offer an affordable alternative to full renovations.

Locally Sourced

We source the highest quality materials from local and international manufacturers to ensure you get the best.

Industry Experts

We have over 20 year experience in kitchen and bathroom renovations and offer exceptional service and advice.

Environmentally Friendly

We reuse your existing kitchen structure to minimise wasted materials and costs.


Resurface & transform your kitchen

Would you like to renovate your kitchen but feel intimidated by the high cost and also hassle? You do not need to! All that is required is to call us today at Reface Kitchens and Bathrooms. We are here to offer an option for your renovation needs, and you’ll have little aggravation and obtain an excellent makeover for a portion of the cost for a total makeover. We offer a kitchen and bathroom resurfacing service


Kitchen resurfacing benefits​

Kitchen resurfacing provides an affordable & efficient alternative to renovating whilst saving you up to 75% of traditional costs and achieving the same long lasting, practical and visual results!


Types of kitchen resurfacing styles

Complete Reface Kitchens Sydney

Contemporary Kitchens

Bring practicality and luxury to your home. Minimalist style. Slick, clean lines. Smart, space-saving ideas. Incorporate natural elements e.g. natural stone, marble or timber finishes. There are many choices in contemporary kitchen designs.

Complete Reface Kitchens Sydney

Classic Kitchens

Elegant and stylish with a variety of finishes. Designs that will stand the test of time. Many combinations are available to suit a wide range of tastes. Neutral tones with a variety of benchtop colours and textures. Splashback options for all tastes.

Complete Reface Kitchens Sydney

Traditional Kitchens

Individual character combined with the small details define these kitchens. A theme that never goes out of style. Timeless and warm. Old World Design. Furniture style kick boards can make the cabinets appear freestanding.




Kitchen/joinery doors and panels

Hinges and drawer runners


Kitchen Refacing

Before & After Photos

Reface Kitchens Sydney

Start to finish

Our Resurfacing process


Frequently Asked Questions

The word resurface suggests a type of paint on or spray on application which is a different system to what we use. We don’t coat anything, we remove doors, drawer faces and panels and replace them with brand new products. This achieves a long lasting, durable solution and gives new hardware to the renovation. (hardware meaning hinges and drawer runners which ultimately wear our and should be dealt with at the time of the renovation)

Kitchen refacing is a type of kitchen renovation without the hefty costs, material wastage and time. we remove doors, drawer faces and panels and replace them with brand new products. This achieves a long lasting, durable solution and gives new hardware to the renovation.

The materials we use in our kitchen refacing include engineered stone over the top of existing benchtops and for various and selected splashback applications for the refacing work.

We also use full body porcelain over the top of existing benchtops and can be specified for all splashback applications for the refacing work.

The cost to reface a kitchen may vary subject to the following items.

  • The size of the kitchen and refacing project.
  • How many cabinets need to be replaced due to damage and wear and tear.
  • How many cabinets need to be added to accommodate any design changes or additions.
  • What material finish will be used for the new doors and panels.
    what material type and finish will be used for the benchtop reface.
  • What material type and finish will be used for the splashback reface.
  • How much electrical and plumbing work is required for the new project.
Benchtop in as little as a day. Benchtop and spashback in as little as one working and a half working days. Full standard reface in as little as 2.5 to 3 working days. More elaborate refaces that include re designs can take up to 6 working days. Much quicker then a normal Kitchen Renovation.

Yes. We can reface a range of different benchtops and substrates such as;

Laminate benchtops, Stone benchtops, Marble benchtops, Travetine benchtops, Corion or other manmade materials.

Technically speaking, resurfacing means exactly that – to apply a surface coating to an existing surface. We are you Kitchen Cabinet resurfacing Sydney experts.

Yes! You can apply a topical coating surface to all kitchens surfaces to resurface them.

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