Reface Kitchens & Bathrooms Sydney

Kitchen Benchtop Replacement

While we can repair existing benchtops, the ROI on a complete replacement of your benchtops is much higher. With a minimal impact to your way of life, we can quickly cut and replace your benchtops.

Also providing a great opportunity to replace old cooktops and sinks, our benchtop replacement process provides a fresh new look, with fresh new materials.   

All Surfaces

We can repair or reface all kitchen benchtops, cabinets or surfaces with our high quality porcelain and repair materials.

All Colours

All repairs are almost invisible with our latest technology and substrate filling techniques.

All Areas

We service all areas of Sydney with quality and affordable kitchen and bathroom benchtop repairs.

Free Consult

If you'd like to explore your options and get a price, please contact us for a obligation free consult.


Benchtop Replacement

If your benchtop looks tired and old and you want to realise your kitchen’s full potential, a benchtop replacement might be a cost-effective way to improve your property’s value. At Reface Kitchens & Bathrooms, we don’t just resurface your old benchtop, but rather:

Repair process

What's available?

Every benchtop repair is slightly different due to the nature of the materials and level of wear. Our most commonly used materials include, but are not limited to: